Pulpit rock

Are you sick of your everyday life bounded by concrete walls?
Do you want to go on a refreshing picnic trip and give your brain a well deserved break for a day? Well, in that case, this can be a very good suggestion, we present you with a most standard picnic spot and exotic resort located only
15 km away from Hazrat Shahajalal International Airport at the village Bilashara (Vadune), Pubail, Gazipur.

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This is an identical Bangladeshi village with mesmerizing sights of natural beauty to behold just on the outer boundary of Dhaka metropolitan area. An absolute secured area permitted by wall and fence where you can pass your family time, play with your kids running among nature within green and solitary environment to refresh and recharge your mind.

The place is designed with all traditional Bangladeshi heritages to explore your nostalgic memory
and take your mind back to your childhood. Our people are there to provide you all type of service and food in a manner to give you a feelings that you are in your home with mother’s care.