best catering service in Dhaka


best catering service in Dhaka

The success of a resort depends on the quality of catering services. Most of the people who come to visit the resort have their favorite food. The list of foods varies from person to person. Food variations of people’s tastes are different. There are some people who focus on food rather than accommodation. It must be beautifully presented with delicious food. Because the success of the resort depends on the satisfaction of the guests. Aronnobash Resort provides the best catering service in Dhaka.

Our skills teams

food display
Aronnobash Food Presentation

We have a skilled catering services team. The team can cook delicious local and foreign food. That’s why Aronnobash Picnic Spot & Resort has been able to create a good image in the resort industry.


Corporate catering service

Conducting a Corporate Event, Wedding event, group training, or any kind of corporate party where healthy food is mandatory.  Although it is a low-budget event. It is important to serve genuine food on the food menu. Pure foods are mostly good for health. 

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are on the list of healthy foods.  It is an important element for all types of catering services. Fruits can be used as salads and breakfast items. Cucumber, carrot, grape,  pape, Pineapple are the common elements in the corporate food menu.

Fresh Vegetables

To ensure quality healthy catering food, menu vegetables are most important. Types of vegetables can be different based on the demand of authority or available market supply. Begun, cabbage, cauliflower, potato,  Cauliflower, Onion, Garlic, etc are common elements of the Best Catering Service basically in Bangladesh.

Meat & Fish

Meat & FIsh are a common part of the food menu & an important element in any kind of corporate or family party. Without Meat & Fish, All kinds of Bangla dinners or lunch parties will be unfinished. Beef, Mutton and  Chicken also Rui Fish, Bagda shrimp are most common in all kinds of catering services. 

Catering service is an important part of all kinds of food events.  It is important to maintain a catering service for a resort. Aronnobash Picnic Spot & Resort is famous for Best Catering Service in Dhaka city. 

Aronnobash provides different types of the best catering and the best healthy and delicious food service to be amazing for your event. We care for your good health.

Fresh Food

Aronnobash authorities don’t compromise with food quality. With our uncompromising preference for healthy and fresh food, we collect from local sources. Ensuring full chemical-free and fresh foods items for our food and creating. 

Hygienic Food

Hygienic food is the most important element for an event so carefully monitor focus to ensure hygienic food. 

Healthy food 

Our all kinds of food menu adjustments could contribute to reducing the risk of health problems like heart disease and site effects. We prepare a healthy and delicious food menu for our guests.

Food Quantity 

Food quantity is another issue for an event. We know the importance of food quantity. Unestimated food can be a cause of danger and the result can destroy the event. So we don’t compromise.

Delicious Food

Tasty and delicious food improves the company image. So ensuring delicious food is important for catering service. Considering the basic needs, our company highly focuses on providing the best foods. 

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