Best Family Day Out Resort Near Dhaka


Best Family Day Out Resort Near Dhaka

It is not a bad idea to have an escape from the busy life of the city and pass a mind-blowing relaxing day in a resort very close to Dhaka Aronnobash. The citizens of Dhaka city live a very hard and busy life in a jungle of concretes.  The kids have very less time and space to play in the green field to grow naturally. They also pass the hard-pressed time with their study in school and home works at home. Keeping all things in mind Aronnobash resort has been developed and organized in a way to give service to the people so that they can have a short drive day outing or night stay tour in the mesmerizing green environment with all body and mind refreshing facilities.


Safe Resort

Aronnobash Resort is well protected by a perimeter wall and covered by CCTV cameras. We have also 24-hours physical security guards and service attendants so that you can pass the night without any tensions in mind. Our well-trained service boys will serve you with their optimum professional efficiency and hospitality to make you stay farther more comfortable. 


Mini Olympic Standard Swimming Pool for Adult & Kids

We Have a mini Olympic standard swimming pool with separate kids swimming pool where onboard guests can swim day or night for unlimited time. We have professional swimming pool attendants to help the non-swimmer. Under their supervision, you can also train your kids and babies to make them good swimmers. You can take this opportunity of learning swimming in our resort as it is located very close to Dhaka and also very cheap in comparison to any swimming pool facilities inside Dhaka city. 

Playground and Kids Zone


We have two big playgrounds which are perfect to organize any kind of event & sports, also have a kid’s zone where your kids can play. The playground, living accommodations, restaurant, and other facilities are located in a way so that you can see the game and sports sitting inside the rooms. You can also observe the kids playing in the green field even sitting inside glass decorated AC restaurant. Adequate sitting areas are also available with enough refresh rooms all-around playground covered by green trees so that you can also enjoy the games and sports sitting beside the fields. 


Walkway all-around resort

We have nicely designed walkways all around the resort covered by hundred types of trees and flower plants which will attract you to walk or jog automatically. The kids will be extremely joyful to play and run in an excellent natural environment. You can get different types of smells from different types of flower trees while walking or running through the walkway. We have a nice coffee shop beside the walkway where you can ask for a hot coffee or drinks for further refreshment.  Besides you can ask for different types of snacks, ice cream, chocolates, drinks, juice, etc. 


Angling facilities

We have big ponds with different types of fish with sitting place around it under different trees. It can be a great opportunity for those who have weaknesses in fishing. They can spend the whole day fishing and have fun making BBQ with the collected fish. Our service people will be there to give you total support with angling items. Your kids or family might get surprised fishing by themself for the first time in their life. 

Mindblowing Natural Beauty

The landscaping and other development have been done without destroying the natural beauty. Additionally, hundreds of types of trees created an Ambien of tropical Bangladeshi natural forest. You could find a mind-blowing natural beauty all over the resort. Different types of trees attract different types of birds inside the resort. You can listen to different types of bird songs from early morning to evening. The whole presence of nature will give you mind-blowing feelings.


Different Packages 

Considering our facilities and the gest abilities we have divided our package into different segments which you can find by clicking here


How to Reach ( Location)

Aeonnobash (Google Location Link)  Is located at Vill Bilashara, PS: Pubail, DST: Gazipur.  It’s Only 18 km away from HS International Airport. We have a number of ways to reach our location. (1)Tongi Station Road => Mirer Bazar => Pubail College Gate => Turn Left and drives 1.5 km to reach Aronobash Resort, (2) 300 Feet => Kanchon Bridge => Turn Left to Mirer Bazar => turn right to Pubail College Gate => Turn Left and drives 1.5 km to reach Aronnobash.

You can also come by train through Gazipur.

A Homely Environment

Aronnobash Resort management is always focused to give a homely environment to their guest. We have a traditional Bengali food service which is cookies by local women chefs. We have also different other cuisine or rich food which is prepared by highly trained chefs to give you mouth-watering test. Our service people are well trained to serve our guests without any hindrance. Our ultimate goal is to give a feeling to our guests as if they are living at home away from their homes with a mother-caring touch.

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