Best Resort Near Uttara Dhaka

Aronnobash Resort

Best Resort Near Uttara Dhaka

The beauty of Pubail and its adjoining areas of district Gazipur has taken a different form. At its core are the state-of-the-art resorts and recreation centers developed in these areas.

New Dawn Tourism Bangladesh

Fagun‘s wind has revived the hotel and resort business that was extinguished due to Corona. The color of love is also found in hotels and resorts in different parts of the country. There is no place for famous hotels and resorts in the tourist area of the country now. People of love have booked all the rooms of these hotels and resorts long ago.


Celebrate Fagun & Valentine

Thus, considering all aspects, this time of winter is the season to travel. Foreign travel is closed due to corona. Again the rate of infection is also downward. In this situation, people do not want to be under house arrest anymore, so the crowds are overflowing in the internal tourist centers. Fagun and Valentine’s Day have given a new lease of life to the people. Added to that is weekly leave. All in all, the business of hotels and resorts is going quite well. However, most of the hotel-resort corona wounds did not heal.


New Business Strategy

Hotels and resorts have given various discounts ahead of Valentine’s Day and spring to cover the loss of business. Many people have already finalized their plans to go on special days with loved ones and their families on the occasion of that discount. That is why the hotels and resorts have become lively.


Package Offer

Hotels and resorts in Dhaka & Gazipur are also not participating in this spring-centric event. Everyone is trying to cover the loss of business with various discounts and packages.


Family Recreation in Resort

Apart from Cox’s Bazar, various hotel-resort authorities in and around Dhaka and Gazipur areas have been talking to the authorities. No one wants to miss out on the first day of the year. Even though it is a day of love, the day is not limited to couples. Many people are going to visit with their families on this day.


New Hope

Resorts around Dhaka are the busiest in terms of spring and Valentine’s Day. Seeing the interest of the people, the hotels and resorts have increased the rent from one to one and a half thousand rupees. Hotel and resort owners are hoping to return to normal business throughout the year after this spring festival. Because the country has now started giving the corona vaccine. That is why the owners of hotels and resorts are hoping to get their business back.

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