Corporate Picnic Venue in Gazipur

Beautiful Gazipur Gazipur is a tourism zone in Bangladesh. The natural beauty of Gazipur will fascinate anyone. The entire area is covered with green forests, along with numerous lakes and ravines. During the monsoons, the lakes and rivers are filled to the brim with water. Local people then travel by[…]

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A Mind-blowing Retreat

 A Mind-blowing Retreat At present, as many as 8 billion people are living in the world with different identical perspectives of their own. These different perception starts developing as soon as they are born. Every second a huge number of people are leaving and coming to this planet with unimaginably[…]

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Resort for a Corporate Picnic and Event in Gazipur

Resort for a Corporate Picnic and Event in Gazipur Gazipur is the nearest district to Dhaka city. It has excellent natural beauty surrounded by tropical hillocks, highlands, lowlands, lakes, and green forests. Among all other places in the Gazipur district, PUBAIL has captured the hearts and minds of all local[…]

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Best Conference and Training Facilities Resort Near Dhaka

 Conference and training facilities Resort Nowadays, having a corporate conference or training in a conference hall room in an urban city has been changed. Nowadays the corporate people and trainees are interested to have their conference or training in an open environment with diversified activities like swimming, sports, and games[…]

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Best Family Day Out Resort Near Dhaka


Best Family Day Out Resort Near Dhaka It is not a bad idea to have an escape from the busy life of the city and pass a mind-blowing relaxing day in a resort very close to Dhaka Aronnobash. The citizens of Dhaka city live a very hard and busy life[…]

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Most Suitable Wedding Resort Near Dhaka

Most Suitable Wedding Resort Near Dhaka Last few years it has been observed that the demand for destination marriage and wedding ceremonies in resorts has increased significantly. Nowadays the young generation has come out from the traditional way of marriage ceremony in a community center in urban areas. They want[…]

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Safe Resort for Couple Day Long

Beautiful Resort for Couple Day Long Gazipur has become one of the travel destinations of the people of Bangladesh in the last few years. However, despite being popular as a tourist spot, it has not yet become so popular for family gatherings due to the lack of good hotels and[…]

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Best Resort Near Uttara Dhaka

Aronnobash Resort

Best Resort Near Uttara Dhaka The beauty of Pubail and its adjoining areas of district Gazipur has taken a different form. At its core are the state-of-the-art resorts and recreation centers developed in these areas. New Dawn Tourism Bangladesh Fagun‘s wind has revived the hotel and resort business that was[…]

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best resort in Gazipur

food display

Best Resort In Gazipur Gazipur is the nearest city to Dhaka. It’s primarily known as the city of the forest. But more and more travelers are heading here for other reasons, including swimming and land adventures and a chance to relax in their mind of paradise. The main attraction here,[…]

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