Best Conference and Training Facilities Resort Near Dhaka

 Conference and training facilities Resort

Nowadays, having a corporate conference or training in a conference hall room in an urban city has been changed. Nowadays the corporate people and trainees are interested to have their conference or training in an open environment with diversified activities like swimming, sports, and games for whole days or number of days like in a resort nearby Dhaka. Thinking this perception in mind Aronnobash resort has designed and developed its facilities to serve the corporate purpose of those who want to have their event just in the outer skirts of Dhaka city. Presently Aronnobash resort can provide the under mention facilities.

Well decorated AC conference room

We have a suitable AC room covered by glass from where you can view the mindblowing green nature and the beautiful swimming pool. The room is 2400 SQF with separate manes and women’s washrooms. 150 people can sit and organize the conference or training at a time. more

Swimming pool facilities

We have a mini Olympic standard swimming pool with separate kids swimming pool just beside the conference room where almost 100 people can swim together. In between the conference or training session, people can have a short break in the swimming pool for mental or physical refreshment. It will give them better physical and mental strength to undergo the training or conference to deluxe mood.

Open hall room

We have also a big one-side open hall room where five hundred people can sit for a conference or any other event. In the same hall room, we can serve food for 250 people at a time.

Open green field

The overall place is organized in a way so that people can have different types of sports in the two big open green fields with other games on the side fields like badminton, basketball, etc. Other people can enjoy the games and sports sitting in the restaurant, in the rooms, and around the fields.

Aronnobash Resort is a moderately big to conduct a corporate event or conference for two hundred to five hundred people together for the day. It can also support the Night stay program with accommodated 50 people at a time with an exclusive BBQ dinner, and other food facilities. The place is well protected and permitted. Its also covered by CCTV and physical guards. read more


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