Corporate Picnic Venue in Gazipur

Beautiful Gazipur

Gazipur is a tourism zone in Bangladesh. The natural beauty of Gazipur will fascinate anyone. The entire area is covered with green forests, along with numerous lakes and ravines. During the monsoons, the lakes and rivers are filled to the brim with water. Local people then travel by boat, it is part of their tradition. People come to Ghazipur to relieve the hustle and bustle of city life. Therefore, many resorts and amusement parks have been built here by the private and government for people’s entertainment and leisure.


Best Tourist Place in Gazipur

Gazipur’s entertainment centers include Bangabandhu Safari Park, Crocodile Breeding Centre, Choir Bill, and numerous resorts. Apart from rare species of plants, the safari park is home to many species of native and exotic wild animals, reptiles, and birds. In modern crocodile breeding centers, crocodiles of various species are bred and exported abroad. Boating becomes popular during the monsoons when the Koyar bill is filled to the brim. The resorts get busy at the time of winter. 


Best Corporate Picnic Venue in Gazipur

Aronnobash resort is the most beautiful resort in Gazipur. Its natural beauty and modern architectural style set it apart from other resorts. So it is always full of guests. Its journey was started in 2018 by a retired army officer with the aim of offering the best service to the guests, which has grown in popularity over time. Some of the exceptional features of Aronnobash resort are.


A Big Swimming Pool

The resort has a mini Olympic standard swimming pool and a kids swimming pool. The pool is covered by different types of trees. So anybody can enjoy a paradise feeling while swimming.


Two Big Playground

Inside the resort, there are two large active playgrounds that are perfect for any kind of sports, and events. A row of green trees around the field provides protection from the harmful rays of the sun and the entire field is shaded with green grass. 


A beautiful fishing pond

A beautiful pond covered with daffodil flowers will be seen beside the way to the internal road of the resort. Guests can enjoy fishing as well as a live barbecue with caught fish.


Luxury living accommodation

Apart from the mesmerizing beauty of the resort, its accommodation is furnished with the utmost luxury.


The Aronnobash authority is committed to providing the best security and hospitality at a low cost. And the service team always delegated to the guest. So it can be the best choice for your corporate picnic, corporate day out family get-together, and all types of social events


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