A Mind-blowing Retreat

 A Mind-blowing Retreat

At present, as many as 8 billion people are living in the world with different identical perspectives of their own. These different perception starts developing as soon as they are born. Every second a huge number of people are leaving and coming to this planet with unimaginably different perspectives and attitudes toward life.

Development of Different Perspectives

A newborn baby is forced to learn things and develop habits as their parents and society are teaching them. As they grow, they start going to different types of educational institutions to learn more different skills and knowledge to make them fit several in this world which ultimately forced them to be more different from each other. It greatly depends on which family, society, country, and religion they belong to. A child born in a poor country, living in a poor society, educated in poor institutions, guided and nurtured by poor parents has no reasons to think rich and live rich with a rich perception of life. In the same way, a child born in a rich country and who grew up following a rich culture is likely to have a rich perspective of life. This poor and rich does not necessarily mean having more or less money or wealth. These terms are associated with money, wealth, knowledge, culture, lifestyle, thought process, and last but not the list the ultimate purpose of life.



The Purpose of Life


The Purpose of life also greatly varies from person to person based on different issues like the ideology they believe in, the country or culture they live in, the religion they follow, and the social groups they belong to. Some think that the purpose of life should be the happiness, some think to be highly skilled and knowledgeable to be able to earn enough money and thereby increase their buying power to lead a comfortable life and provide financial security to the next generation, and some think that the only purpose of life should be worshipping our creator no matter how much we suffer in this short life but we will live happily forever after death. These never-ending arguments can go on and on to define the ultimate purpose of life and find out a suitable course of action to follow a particular balanced pattern of lifestyle to reduce the paradox of our thought process.

What We Mean by a Balanced Lifestyle

In the recent past, the COVIC-19 Pandemic situation has added another dimension to our thought process about a healthy lifestyle. It has clearly shown that we cannot live a healthy life only by fully filing our physical needs, we must also give if not more at list equal importance to our Mental Health. We must spend a portion of our income to do the activities or take a mind-blowing retreat to relax our minds which will ultimately give us Mental peace and add fuel to our life to move ahead. To have a better life you need to follow a balanced lifestyle just like a balanced diet for your body, you need to look after your mental health as well.

Aronnobash Resort is a Perfect Place to Retreat

Based on the above-mentioned factors Aronnobash management made an effort to reduce the problems of mental health. It is located in Pubail, Gazipur which is a short drive distance from Dhaka city. The average time distance from Gulshan or Banani is more or less one hour. It has been developed to support and help people to boost their mental health. An eco-friendly modern luxury facility has been developed in a way that our guests will feel they are living in the deep forest availing all modern facilities like a swimming pool, AC living accommodation,  Seethrough glass view AC Restaurant, Open Greenfields to play, special kid’s zone and swimming pool, different types of other outdoor and indoor games, angling and poolside BBQ facilities. Our specially trained chefs and service people are always ready to welcome our valued guests. Please call us to help you to boost your Mental Health, the way you get help from other experts in the time of need. We proudly claim to be an expert to boost your Mental Health. For more  information please  our website www.aronnobashbd.com

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