Most Suitable Wedding Resort Near Dhaka

Most Suitable Wedding Resort Near Dhaka

Last few years it has been observed that the demand for destination marriage and wedding ceremonies in resorts has increased significantly. Nowadays the young generation has come out from the traditional way of marriage ceremony in a community center in urban areas. They want to make their wedding significant and memorable by having it done in a resort away from the city.


Aronnobash  Resort Wedding Facilities

Thinking of the social requirement and market demand Aronnobash management has organized the resort’s most suitable way for wedding events. It has a mini Olympic standard swimming pool where 100 persons can swim at a time with a  separate kid’s swimming pool. It has two big playgrounds surrounded by different types of trees and plants which give you a feel of a romantic and remarkably small paradise. The natural environment here will make your wedding ceremony memorable.  Here people can play, move around, swim, have fun and interact among themselves. 


Excellent Catering and Food Facilities

We have high standard and festive food services which are well-reputed in the market. We can serve 300 people in our own excellent catering system with our hall room. Also, we have our own cafe facilities where people can get various types of snacks, tea, coffee,  Ice-cream, chips, and pastries. 


Very Near to Dhaka City 

The resort being very close to Dhaka, our customers need not spoil time on the road. It is only 20 km away from Gulshan-Banani with a number of diversified approaches like uttara-tonga -station road – mirer bazar-pubail college get-resort. Another way is Kuril 300 feet road-purbachal bypass- mirer bazar- pubail college get- resort. If our customer starts from Dhaka it only takes 1.30 hours to reach the resort and in the same way they can return back to home. At night spend an hour on the road then get rest at home and go back to work the next day with a refreshed mind. 


Living & Night Stay Facilities 

We have a number of  AC rooms and cottages where around 50 people can stay at night with the best caring services, and food. Our facilities support 500 to 600 persons for a day-long program. The resort is well secured with a perimeter wall all around it, a 24-hour physical security gourd & a CC TV camera. 

Parking place & drivers accommodations

We have enough safe parking places and drivers’ living accommodation for a night stay party. For a day-long party, we can give parking facilities for as many as more than 100 vehicles.  


Light, Photography, and Sound Support

We have excellent lighting, photography, and sound systems which can make the event more effective, memorable, and nostalgic for the whole life. The natural beauty and artistic mind of our staff can create an excellent romantic, Ambien to give a festive mood to every participant of the event.


Event Management Team

We have one of the best teams for designing events and conducting the event as per customers’ requirements. The team is so well trained to understand customer minds and conduct the event as per their need to achieve the purpose or goal of the event to the full satisfaction of our customers. Read More

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