Safe Resort for Couple Day Long

Beautiful Resort for Couple Day Long

Gazipur has become one of the travel destinations of the people of Bangladesh in the last few years. However, despite being popular as a tourist spot, it has not yet become so popular for family gatherings due to the lack of good hotels and resorts. As such, there are only 10 families staying at Aronnobash Resort.  But whatever it is, the enchanting view of village morning sunrise and sunset is bound to make you forget all the sad moments.

International Standard swimming pool Dhaka

It is famous for its international-standard swimming pool.  What more could there be than to sit in the swimming pool and enjoy the blue sky with a glass of coffee or juice. However, in addition to the swimming pool, there are other facilities! In addition to the two big playgrounds and luxury living accommodation.


Best Resort Facilities

Here you can enjoy the closeness of nature with the room as well as join in various adventurous activities. There are opportunities for fishing, football,  cricket, badminton, campfire, treasure hunt, There are special zones and separate packages for children. There is also the option of selecting separate packages for family, friends, and corporate groups. The most amazing thing is that this resort also has the opportunity to spend the night by the campfire.

Best Package for Newlyweds 

There are special day-long and night-stay packages for newlyweds. The package includes luxurious cottages, a variety of food, and entertainment facilities for a relaxing time.


Best Package for Corporate Family

There is a special corporate package for corporate family events. The package includes a refreshment room, swimming pool, playground, fishing pond, kids zone for kids, and food. 


The resort can be ideal to get satisfactory service within budget. Being very close to Dhaka, you can come back on holiday. Both time and money will be saved.

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