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Best Resort In Gazipur

Gazipur is the nearest city to Dhaka. It’s primarily known as the city of the forest. But more and more travelers are heading here for other reasons, including swimming and land adventures and a chance to relax in their mind of paradise. The main attraction here, Gazipur’s luxury resort is becoming a perfect destination for travels lovers, offering everything from organized activities, spas, gyms, and event services to those who want to lose their vacations. 

At the last of your final destination in Gazipur, we suggest some of the best resorts. Plan your event in biasing our suggest. 


Aronnobash Resort 

Aronnobash Resort Is The best in Gazipur. It’s only 1 hour away from Uttara. Three-way can reach one is three hundred feet purbachal expressway to kitchen bridge. Turn left to Mirer Bazar turn right to Pubail college gate and drive 1.5 km to reach. Another one is to use the road from Tongi station road to Tongi ghazal highway drive 10 km to Mirer Bazar and drive to the front to public college gate and turn left and drive 10 minutes to reach. Another best way to reach is to use the road Joydevpur rail station to Pubail bypass drive 12 km to public and turn right to your destination.


Beauty of Aronnobash

The resort is covered by green trees, two big playgrounds, and a fishing lake. Looking like a peach of paradise. Also, there is an international standard swimming pool, kids swimming pool, kids zone, best room facilities, snacks corner, luxury living complex, and cottages. Every room has a nature view balcony. it has BBQ and Snacks corner facilities. It’s one of the best resorts to expend time with nature and modern living facilities. To know details visit the website and Facebook page Address:Vill: Bilashara, PS: Pubail, Gazipur. Attractions 


Best Resort for Day long

The day-long is a very common offer. Many resorts offer this type of facility.  Aronnobash is one of them. The package included luxury refreshment rooms, Hygienic food, luxury dining facilities, and best hospitality. it has a swimming pool, playground, and various types of facilities.

Best resort for a corporate day out 

Corporate day out describe private entertainment event for their staff, clients, shareholders, client, owners, a corporate event can be organized a large no of people. They expense their time with fun and sports or conferences. It’s the best to place to know each other.

Best resort for family get together

The family gets together are gathers all family members in a resort.  Beautiful place with food and living facilities. It’s not a planning process actually a family bonding and reunion. It improves family relationships. Aronnobash is the first choice resort for family gatherings. Offering local tasty food and family types accommodations.

Safe and secured resort near Dhaka

Safety is a major issue for living outside of the home. A weak security system can be the cause of danger for all. It’s operated by a retd  Army officer with 2 retd army persons. A trained security team 24 hours ensure safety.  so the place is highly secured to all.


Sara Resort

Sara is famous for Impressive modern architectural designs, luxury living accommodations, and large premises. Its lakes, food, and other luxury facilities are excellent. The Resort is Located in Bhawal, Rajbari, Gazipur. it’s only  1.5 hor away from Dhaka. It is suitable for all kinds of events, such as a corporate day out, family gettogether, meetings, training. The resort is highly secured for all. There you will find all the facilities of a modern resort. The resort location being close to Dhaka make it popular for day-out programs. Web


Bhawal Resort & Spa

Bhawal resort & spa is a suitable resort for family get-togethers. The resort is surrounded by rain forest. It’s just a 1-hour drive from Dhaka city, is the perfect place for a refreshing mind and expense vacation with safety and a natural environment. Their restaurant facilities are very good and impressive hospitality. It’s impressing a deep green surrounded by various rainforests. A perfect place to discover oneself in the new and natural environment. During the summer you can sit in their luxury restaurant they will provide you special food menu. The place will give you a different test and will make you nostalgic.  More

Heritage Resort

Heritage Resort is an excellent choice for all resort lovers. The Resort is the blessing of nature. There are various scenes, noiseless, excellent landscaping, best accommodation facilities, luxury rooms, big swimming pool, wave pool, gym, wide parking. and all modern resort facilities. Located Madhabdi, Narsingdi has exceedingly appropriate arrangements for seminars, training, workshop, and all other corporate event programs. The resort is totally restricted to unauthorized people. more


Green Heaven Cottage

Green heaven is a luxury cottage with all modern resort facilities. It’s will provide you perfect environment for passing vacation or holiday with friends and family. The resort is located very close to Dhaka. It is surrounded by green forest with luxurious living facilities. The place is perfect for day-out events, meetings, seminars, alumni, corporate training.  There have two playgrounds, a kids zone, a beautiful flower garden, a prayer room, excellent swimming pool complex. Their food test is very hygiene, it will make you nostalgic. You can come back from Dhaka on a day trip. more

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